Preparation for Matura

Preparation for Matura


You are about to experience one of the most important year in your life. What you are about to make regarding your enrollment will determine your future . It’s all up to you whether you want to work well paid and interesting job that provides certain social status or you will regret why you didn’t enroll in college. This is the year when investment in your own knowledge brings profit in the long run

Matura Preparations
Katedra-language school offers assistance in preparing for English, German, French, Italian and Croatian language. You can also prepare for Level A and Level B.

Preparation includes15 hours ( 60 min )
We work exclusively with small groups ( 5-12 participants).


  • You will learn through systematic training on the original Matura tests.
  • You will refresh you previously acquired knowledge.
  • Students of vocational schools will adopt the knowledge that wasn’t an integral part of the curriculum in their vocational schools.
  • Frequent practice tests will monitor your acquisition of language and final test will contribute to your own self-confidence and reduce the fear of failure on Matura.
  • Preparations are examination -oriented and include all test skills : reading comprehension , listening, grammar and writing an essay.
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